VW 1600 Based Type 1, 2 And 3 Engine Main Bearings

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VW 1600 Based Type 1, 2 And 3 Engine Main Bearings. Due to the many sizes of SilverLine bearings please refer to (by clicking on) chart provided above select " Size Noted" and please note, (in the Cart "Special instructions for seller" Your Case Cut, Crank Cut and Thrust Cut if any ) the part number you need. If buying an engine kit, select "Buying An Engine Kit" and note (in the Cart "Special instructions for seller") your case specifications if it has been cut or if it is standard and we will match the bearings to the case and crank. 55mm or 2.165in is standard on the crankshaft main bearing journal also on the connecting rod journal and the standard case measurement is 65mm or 2.560in for the main bearing saddle with 22mm or .866in thrust. Click to see attached detailed bearing chart.