VW 1600 Based Type 1, 2 And 3 Engine Rebuild Kit 1835 New

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VW 1600 Based Type 1, 2 And 3 Engine Rebuild Kit 1835 New. After years of experience and gathering knowledge these engine kits have been composed of only top quality parts from various manufactures. This 1835cc engine rebuild kit includes new EMPI 69mm crankshaft, factory VW reground 100 or 110 camshaft with gear. new AA 92mm pistons and cylinders, rings, wrist pins, clips, new forged factory specification connecting rods, new lifters, new rod bearings, new HD cam bearings, new pushrod tubes, new 26mm oil pump, new gland nut and washer, new oil screen, new Elring engine gasket set, new Elring flywheel seal. Kits sold outright with no exchange. Kits only compatible with 8mm oil pump studs. Kit does not include main bearings. Available without crank (Note in the Cart "Special instructions for seller" Your Crank Cut for Rod Bearings) or without cam (comes with oil pump for 3 rivet cam), also without crank and cam. Select from other cranks and cams to build the engine desired. Use the search function and reference " VW engine displacement chart Info " and " VW cam chart Info " to see which crank and cam is right for the application. 3 rivet cam shown for illustration only. Click to see attached detailed bearing chart.