Carter's Air-Cooled VW Parts

U.S. Sales: Sedan: 887, Convertible: N/A
Original Price: Sedan:$1,595, Convertible: $2,395
Chassis Numbers: 1397023 to 1428156 (10/52 to 12/52 late '52 model), 1428157 to 1454950 (1/53 to 2/53)
* Vent windows added, vent flaps in front quarter panels discontinued.* "Ttype" deck lid handle introduced (formerly looptype).* Twin brake and taillights replaced center mounted single light.*Window crank made 31/2 turns; formerly 101/2 turns.* Glove compartment door added; formerly open bin.* Turn signal control moved to steering wheel from dashboard.* Interior light moved to center pillar by driver's door.* 5.60 x 15 inch tires replaced 5.00 x 16 inch tires.* 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears synchronized (formerly "crashbox").* Bumpers and guards enlarged and strengthened.*Accelerator pump added to carburetor.* New rear license plate light housing.* Self canceling windshield wipers.


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